Welcome to Flower Boss Academy

Unlock the secrets to growing a profitable, successful flower business.

What is it?

Welcome to Flower Boss Academy – the transformative coaching membership designed exclusively for floral designers like you!

At Flower Boss Academy, we believe that every talented floral designer deserves to thrive in their craft and business.

👉 Our purpose is simple yet powerful: to equip you with the essential tools, mindset, and strategies to build a flourishing flower business that provides creative fulfilment, personal growth AND a great income.

Who is it for?

This is THE place to be if you're an ambitious, passionate floral designer who is ready to take your flower business to new heights.

You know, deep down, you have what it takes to make this work. But right now, the numbers just aren't adding up. You're putting in a lot of work but you're not getting the results.

The Flower Boss Academy is here to empower you with the right mindset, skills, and support to create a business that flourishes with purpose and profitability.

Join Us Today and Experience the Difference!

Unlock the secrets to a successful floral business with Flower Boss Academy. Say goodbye to self-doubt and welcome a future filled with floral artistry and financial prosperity. Your blooming business journey begins here.

What's in it?

Your monthly coaching membership includes:

➤ WEEKLY 1:1 MINDSET COACHING – So you can learn how to get out of your own way, show up as your best self and get the results you've been dreaming of.

➤ LIVE WORKSHOPS – Kathleen hosts a live workshop every week. Topics include: Building an Abundant Money Mindset, Search Engine Optimisation, How to Avoid Burnout, Winning the Instagram game and more! We also share the video replay each week so if you cannot make it live, you can play catch-up in your own time.

➤ PRIVATE COMMUNITY – Get ongoing support, ask questions and learn from other like-minded ambitious florists. There are no secrets inside Flower Boss Academy.

➤ BONUS RESOURCES – FBA members get an all-access pass to Kathleen's business, including more than 100 templates + shortcuts for you to copy and paste